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50USD 12V200Ah VRLA Battery
The Sealed Lead acid batteries /deep-cycle batteries have been used to store energy for a long time – since the...
Li-Ion vs VRLA batteries: a comparison
VRLA Lead-acid  batteries have long been the UPS power system source preferred by data centre operators, due to the reliability...
U.S. announces two-year exemption import duties for Solar Panel
On the 6th June, the White House announced that it would take administrative measures to promote the production of solar panels...
Shenzhen Lockdown Eases Soften Covid Impact
Shenzhen allowed factories and public transport in several parts of the city to resume operations on 18th March, partially easing...
SHANGHAI, Mar 1 (SMM) – Shanghai nonferrous metals mostly closed with gains as the market sentiment eased on Russia-Ukraine talks though it did not reach desired results.
Lead: The most-traded SHFE 2204 lead closed up 0.32% or 50 yuan/mt at 15,585 yuan/mt, with open interest down 308...

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