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50USD 12V200Ah VRLA Battery

The Sealed Lead acid batteries /deep-cycle batteries have been used to store energy for a long time – since the 1800’s. They’ve been able to stick around because of their reliability and simplicity. 

Nowadays these batteries still a popular option amongst consumers looking for a cost-effective and long-lasting energy storage solution.

In the market 50USD 12V200Ah still at there, what is the difference before the normal price battery 12V@00Ah(180-200usd)

  •  Case: 
  • Separator: 
  • Cycling(Depth of discharge): 
  • Main Material in side:
  • Lead plate thickness:
  • Replacement:

                   USD$50-60/PC 12V 200AH – replace the batteries every 4 months

                    USD$180-200/PC 12V 200AH Battery – replace the batteries after 4-5 years

  • Warranties:

                   USD$50-60/PC 12V 200Ah battery –  no real warranty service

                   USD$180-200/PC 12V 200Ah Battery – 3 years free replacement warranty

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