OPzV Tubular Gel Battery

OPzV Series Tubular Plate with Pure Gel Supper long life Battery, Capacity: 2V100Ah~3000Ah. 12V100Ah, 150Ah, 200Ah, CSBattery OPzV manufacturing facilities with wealthy experience ensure it’s tubular OPzV gelled batteries reliable performance, safety, outstanding battery life and value. Each cell is 100% factory tested. It can be used in float or deep cycle (2000 x 80%) service and have a design life of 20 years at 20°C. It can be stored up to 2 years at 20°C without fresh charging.

Our OPzV factory Produce tubular plate by ourself . For urgent project we support 20-25days fast delivery time.

  • Item NO.:OPzV Series
  • Product Origin:China
  • Color:All Grey
  • Goods stock:500
  • Min order:24 pcs
  • Product weight:10kgs-225kgs
  • Lead Time:30-40 days, Fast Delivery 25days
  • Plate:Tubular Plate
  • Nominal Voltage:2V 12V
  • Discharge Rate:0.2-1.0C
  • Electrolyte:German GEL
  • Welcome:OEM Brand with Free
  • Usage:off Grid Solar/Wind Power System
  • Certificates:CE/IEC/ISO
  • Warranty:3-5 Years
  • Trade Terms:EXW, FOB, CIF


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Voltage:  2V

Capacity: 2V200Ah~2V3000Ah 

Designed floating service life: >20 years @ 25 °C/77 °F.

Cyclic usage: 80% DOD >2000cycles

>Summary for Deep Cycle Tubular Gel OPzV Battery

  • By combining the newly developed tubular positive plates with fumed gelled electrolyte, CSBattery created the innovative OPzV range of batteries. The range offers 20 years design life and super high deep cycling capabilities. This range is recommended for telecom outdoor applications, renewable energy systems and other harsh environment applications.
  • OPzV batteries are safer for the environment, and safer to use – they have no water levels to check or terminals to clean, without risks of dangerous acid spills, and can be installed in any position. OPzV Batteries can be recharged much faster than flooded lead-acid batteries.

>Features and Advantages for Deep Cycle Tubular Gel OPzV Battery

  • Over 20 years design life at floating condition @ 25°C
  • Wide operating temperature range from -40°C to 60°C
  • Tubular positive plate with prolonged cycle life
  • Fumed Silica gel electrolyte
  • Lead Calcium die cast grid with improved corrosion resistance capability
  • Low self-discharge rate and long shelf life
  • Excellent deep discharge recovery capability

>Construction for Deep Cycle Tubular Gel OPzV Battery

  • Positive Plates:Robust tubular plates consisting of Pb-Ca-Sn alloy, optimized for high   corrosion resistance, offer an extreme high cycling expectancy;
  • Negative Plates: Grid plate construction consisting of lead calcium alloy;
  • Separator: Microporous and robust PVC-SiO2 separator, for positive and negative plates and optmized for low internal resistance;
  • Container: ABS (UL94-HB), Flammability resistance of UL94-V1 can be available upon request;
  • Terminal Poles: Screw connection for easy and safe assembly and maintenance-free connection with excellent conductivity;
  • Valves: Release gas in case of excess pressure and protects the cell against atmosphere, reasonable open and close valve pressure, high reliable on performance.

>Deep Cycle Tubular Gel OPzV Battery Complied Standards

  • Ø IEC 61427-1        Ø IEC 60896-21/22
  • Ø ISO9001,              Ø ISO14001,      Ø ISO18001
  • Ø Eurobat guide,     Ø long life,        Ø BS6290 part 4
  • Ø GB/T 22473,         Ø ICE,                Ø IATA,                 Ø IMDG

>Deep Cycle Tubular Gel OPzV Battery Applications

  • Ø Off Grid Solar, Ø Off Grid Wind,    Ø Telecom BTS, Ø Date Center, Ø Medical Equipments,
  • Ø UPS systems,  Ø Railroad Utilities, Ø Photovoltaic Systems, Ø Renewable Energy System and so on.

>OPzV Delivery time

  • Normal, 35-40 days for production with injection molding Lead-plate by ourself
  • As a OPzV factory we Can Support Urgent project with 20-30days.
  • OEM brand is free charge.
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While we’re good with smoke signals, there are simpler ways for us to get in touch and answer your questions.

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