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CSBattery IEC 61427 for 6V 12V Sealed lead acid battery gel battery
CSBattery IEC 61427 for 6V 12V Sealed lead acid battery gel battery
Dear CSBattery Valued Customers, We CSBattery have updated newly IEC 61427 for 6V 12V Seaeled lead acid batteries, gel batteries. Suitable for...
HDC2-500 2
CSBattery have new version Lead Carbon Battery 2volt
CSBattery is pleased to announce the release of our new Lead Carbon Battery 2volt. This new version of our popular...
CSBattery attended the EIF Trade Show in Turkey, 2023.11.15-17
CSBattery was proud to participate in the EIF Trade Show in Turkey from November 15-17, 2023. The trade show was...
OPzV12-200AH Picture
CSBattery Exclusive Model OPzV12V-200Ah System
We are thrilled to announce that our OPzV12-200AH OPzV Tubular GEL Battery is proving to be a reliable and efficient...
CSBattery OPZV Battery
CSBattery Team 24OPzV3000 Tubular GEL Project at Middle East
To All CSBattery Valued Customers, We are proud to announce the successful installation of the CSBattery OPzV2-3000AH deep cycle Tubular...
CSBatteries (1)
CSBattery 12V100AH AGM Battery Shipment for Southeast Asian Government Projects Completed
To All CSBattery Valued Customers, We are thrilled to announce the successful production and shipment of a significant order, 1*40GP...
CSBattery VRLA GEL Battery
CSBattery Project in SouthEast Asia : 48V800Ah battery bank +2kV Inverter
• Battery Model : GB12-200-G• Quantity : 4pcs 12V200Ah Solar Gel battery• Project Type : Home Power System• Installation Year:...
101 CSBattery 2023.9 新闻缩略图
CSBattery factory 20th anniversary celebration, with 6% Big Discount !
👏2023 CSBattery factory 20th anniversary celebration promotion is coming !!! 🤝6% discount on HTB12-100/200, ultra-low prices and unlimited quantities. ☎There...
CSBattery front terminal
CSBattery Front Terminal Gel Battery Bank FB12-200G in South America
🔥FB SERIES front terminal access telecom Slim Gel battery,Popular selling in Middle East🔥Voltage: 12V🔥Capacity: 12V55Ah~12V200Ah🔥Designed floating service life: 12-15 years...
CSBattery ENERGY CO.,Limited attend Mexico Intersolar Exhibition
CSBattery ENERGY CO.,Limited, the leading battery manfacturer since 2003, recently attended the Mexico Intersolar Exhibition held from 5th-7th September 2023....

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