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Since August, 2016, the main material of battery–the lead material price has increased since 12500RMB/ton to 15450RMB/ton, so the battery price has increased by 8%-10% in whole China market, the reason for increasing and its affect list as below:

1.   As everyone know, China own the maximum lead resources, however, lead will bring big harm to people’s health especially children, if the blood lead exceeding, children will stop growing and become ill. Thus in 2016, China Environment Protection Agency has strictly inspect the environment issues and safety of all lead factories in China, then closed many small lead factories who can not reach the standard. Now lead materials are in condition of demanding exceeds supply, so the lead price continue to increase in 2016.

2.   According to battery field rules and cost calculation, once lead price increased by every 500RMB/ton, the battery price has to increased by 2%. So, in order to attract more clients and avoid increasing price, some small battery factories used recycle lead, even add glasses in battery instead of lead plates to increase battery weight, these bad batteries will lead to big damage to clients’ market. Thus, CSBattery must soft reminder all battery purchaser, forcus on quality not forcus on price only, because several dollars difference on same battery, may lead to big damage to whole market and company fame.

3. We CSBattery has imported equipment from Germany and produce lead plates by ourselves, so can control the battery quality since original. We have passed environmental inspection of government and continue support newest lead plates for our batteries, adopt newest technology purity of lead plates reach to 99.997%, become top one in the battery field.

In order to maintain the market stable of New and regular clients, CSBattery will not increase price until lead price increased over RMB15000/ton, and once lead price increased over RMB15000/ton, we will only increase price 2%-4%, so will maintain our regular clients market without big affect. 

Welcome clients choose us, our gel battery and high temperature long life deep cycle gel battery has won great satisfaction and continous orders from regular clients. We only forcus on best quality all the time, as we believe that only quality can long live.

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