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How Does a Solar Battery System Work?

To put it simply, a solar plus battery system works by storing all of the excess energy generated by your solar panels to then be used at times of peak power consumption, at night or in the event of a power outage. Your solar will have an integrated smart system to monitor when your energy consumption is in excess, so that your generated energy will now both power your home at the same time as storing your excess energy which would usually have gone to the grid for a lesser economical rate. As a result, you will now have privately stored solar energy to power your home or business while others will continue to have to pay to borrow theirs from the grid.

Solar Battery Benefits

  • Use your solar energy at times that best suit you
  • Blackout Proof: A back-up battery system designed to instantly power the home in the case of a power outage
  • Reduce power consumption at peak usage times
  • Potential to make money by selling excess stored energy back to the grid
  • Reduce influence of power price hikes and become more energy independent
  • Reduce energy costs by charging your battery from the grid during off-peak times

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