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CSBattery Introducing the New OPzV Tubular Gel Deep Cycle Battery 2V 12V

🔋Introducing the New OPzV Tubular Gel Deep Cycle Battery🔋

Unparalleled Performance, Unfazed by Extreme Challenges

• Wide operate temperature range from -45°C to +65°C, conquering harsh climates with ease.
• Low self-discharge rate of only 3% per month, allowing for extended storage without worries of energy.
• High-power cycling exceeding expectations! Capable of at least 3300 cycles at 50% Depth of Discharge (DOD), maintaining good performance.
• Float charge life of up to 25 years, providing you with a long-lasƟng and stable energy supply.

🛡 Safety Guaranteed, The Trusted Choice 🛡

• Shell made of flame-retardant ABS material, ensuring safety with no risk of combusion.
• German nano-silica gel electrolyte for stability and peace of mind during usage.
• Special radiation structure for the negative plate, securing battery performance for worry-free operations.
• Premium terminals and sealing technology to prevent leakage, offering a reliable long-term energy solution.

💡 Versatile Applications, Catering to All Your Needs 💡

• Ideal for medical equipment, telecom communications, ensuring stability in critical industries.
• Suitable for solar power systems, alternative energy sources, empowering you with green energy solutions.
• Essential for control equipment and security systems, offering stable power for industrial automation and safety assurance.

🚀 Choose OPzV Tubular Gel Deep Cycle Battery and Embark on an Energy Revolution! 🚀

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