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CSBattery Energy co.,limited International Sales Department Embarks on a Remarkable Team-building Trip to Xinjiang

Dear all valued clients, We CSBattery want to take a moment to share with you about our recent company team building trip to South Xinjiang Province in China from August 18th to August 27th. It was an unforgettable experience full of adventure, culture, and team bonding.

Throughout the trip, we visited stunning natural landmarks, includingKekehtuo Lake, Hemu Village, Kanas Lake, Devil City, Flaming Mountains, and Tianchi (Heavenly Lake), and immersed ourselves in the vibrant Uyghur culture of Kashgar Old Town. We also participated in various team building activities, from rafting to orienteering, which pushed us to work together and communicate effectively.

The beautiful landscapes and cultural experiences of South Xinjiang Province provided a perfect opportunity for us to bond, learn from each other, and build stronger relationships as a team. I believe that this trip has brought us even closer together and has provided valuable insights that we can apply to our work together moving forward.

Through this remarkable team-building adventure, CSBattery Team continues to demonstrate its commitment to nurturing a vibrant corporate culture that values teamwork, exploration, and personal growth. The International Sales Department looks forward to leveraging the lessons learned and the strengthened relationships to provide even better service to our valued customers worldwide.

We warmly invite all valued clients come to China to travel, you must will be very very enjoy!

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